ALNSM Overland



I doesn’t matter if you go out there adventuring for a weekend or for months. In both cases you will need top quality overland gear ! I decided to create this detailed and organized list of all my gear first to help you build you own kit but also for you to get the right gear for your needs. Because it’s different for everyone. As mentioned in the title, all the overland gear listed here is ALNSM approved ! Which means I bough it, used it for several months and even years in real adventure conditions.


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Recovery / Mechanic Gear

  • 5T Ridge Ryder SUV Recovery Snatch Strap

  • Djebel Xtrem Recovery Boards x2

  • Djebel Xtreme 10T Soft Shackles x2

  • Draper BSRPFG Shovel

  • 2 Wooden Planks

And to give you even more infos and a closer look to some products
I started to create detailed review videos on my YouTube channel.

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