ALNSM Overland



Videos are what inspired me to get into overlanding. They also helped me to build the overland rig of my dreams.
I took so much on YouTube that now, I think that it's my turn and my mission to give back to the overland community.
And that's what ALNSM Overland is all about : to create and share entertaining but also enriching videos so YOU can get inspired and follow my tracks building your own expedition vehicle and explore the world !
What I mostly do is Subaru Overlanding Adventures Videos but I also create informative videos like my overland forester setup, how to / DIY and gear reviews. I nicely organized everything on this page down below and all you have to do is just to pick the playlist you want to watch !
Enjoy !

Full Time Overland Video Series

In 2019 My girlfriend, our cat Hughie and I decided to go for the most ambitious journey of our life.
We left our jobs, appartment, friends and family behind for one mission : to EXPLORE THE WORLD
We had a very good time for a few months but sadly 2020 and the global pandemic put a direct stop to our project …
But TRUST ME, it’s not over !

Softroading and Adventure Videos

When I have time, I like to go on shorter adventures.
They are usually in France and it’s all about exploring new regions, enjoying the great outdoor, camping and having fun driving my Subaru Forester on the trails.
It’s more like soft roading than off roading but sometimes,
it can get a bit spicy !

How to's & DIY Videos

I’m a true believer that in order to be a good Overlander you have to know your vehicle. And to work on it is the best way to learn !
That’s why I always try to do everything by myself. It’s also good occasions for me to film the whole process to show you HOW TO do it through DIY videos.
So you can learn without getting your hands dirty !

Overland Rig Setup Videos

I have so many question asked everyday about my overland Subaru Forester that I decided to make detailed videos about the main modifications.
This is complementary to my Build, Mods & Equipments list because videos will give you a better visual perspective of things.

Overland Gear Reviews Videos

Let’s be honest, Overlanding is also about GEAR !
And deep down, we are all big childrens with money who loves gadgets.
Through these videos, I will share with you my honest experience with the gear I use during my adventures in order to help you getting the right equipment for you needs.